Marks 50th (Medieval Dinner)

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We had a call from Mark Adams of Spring Hill Farm Pitsford asking us to photograph his 50th Birthday party, which of course we were delighted to do.  After a meeting with Mark it turned out the party was in fact a medieval dinner at Highgate House, complete with minstrels and a jester, with all guests in costume where Mark took centre stage dressed as Henry VIII.  The whole thing was a great success.  Everyone congregated in the drawing room then moved on for the meal to the Baronial hall, which lent itself perfectly to this type of function, complete with a minstrel’s gallery looking out over the room.  Photographically it was challenging; little space to move around the room due to the number of people seated for dinner, keep out of the staffs way as they worked and avoid getting them in shots as they were not in costume and most importantly not intrude on events.  After the meal some went back to the Drawing room while some went down to the cellar bar where there was a disco.