Newborn Babies

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Over the past year, I’ve photographed a few newborn baby images.  Although these shoots can take a lot longer to do than a normal portrait shoot and are not as financially rewarding, I get a great deal of pleasure out of them.  I want to do more newborn photography to increase my portfolio, so I’m on the lookout for anyone just given birth that would be interested in having some free images.  To qualify the baby will need to be approx. two weeks old around the time of the shoot.
If you know anyone that might be interested please pass on my details and tell them to get in touch.
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Newborn Baby shoot

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I had the chance recently to do some newborn baby photographs.  Mum and Dad gave me a free rein to do anything I fancied, as long as I did a few images with him and his big sister. I don’t have opportunities like this very often so was thrilled with the prospect.  Newborn photography is better to do within the first couple of weeks of birth, as babies are more likely to sleep.  Although it took quite a while the baby was great, only getting upset when he wanted feeding.  I really enjoyed this shoot and hope to do more in the future.  I feel some images would be improved if the baby was nude but I always work within the guidelines set by the client.

Below is a small collection of images from the shoot. I’d be interested to know what you think.
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