Do’s & Don’ts to help you through your Wedding Day (Part 2)

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Take a comfortable pair of shoes with you.

Over the years as a wedding photographer one of the most common comments I’ve heard has to be "I wish I’d chosen more comfortable shoes!"

Every bride deserves to wear amazing shoes on her wedding day.  However as most wedding dresses cover the shoes who would know if you were wearing your slippers?  At least take a comfortable pair of shoes to the reception. You don't want blisters and aching feet to ruin the best party of your life!

Choose your photographer wisely.

Make sure you choose a photographer with whom you can have a laugh; they will be with you most of the day.  Be sure to tell your wedding photographer about any ideas you have for pictures. You may want black and white images or a vintage feel, maybe something more simple and elegant.  Speak to your photographer before the big day if they don’t know your requirements they can’t cater for them.

Pre-Wedding Photo shoot

Having a pre-wedding photo shoot could improve your wedding pictures. After all, your photographer should be comfortable with the camera, but a pre-wedding photo shoot (or an engagement shoot) lets you spend time in front of your photographer’s camera, this can be especially useful if either you or your husband-to-be are apprehensive.  It may help you become more comfortable as the subject and should give you a good idea of how your photographer will work on the day; this in turn should help put your mind at ease.

Those great photos you’ve seen in the bridal magazines don’t just happen. They are planned and rehearsed.  The image you finally see have been picked from lots of photos.

Allow Time 

Discuss with your wedding photographer how much time is necessary for the organised photographs (or the must have photos).  We estimate approximately three minutes per formally posed photograph, so every five formal images will take about 15 minutes.  These shots may take some time, however the time spent on them can be speeded up and cause a lot less hassle if they are pre planned properly and put in a more natural flowing order.

Obviously the bigger your must have list the longer this process will take, so the longer you and your guests are standing around.  Approximately 15 – 20 minutes should be allowed for the romantic shots these are fun but creative photographs of the Bride and Groom only.  


Find out what it is the photographer is offering in terms of coverage, wedding albums, a musical dvd or even a disc of images with the Right to Reproduce (in other words, to be able to print and share the images.) This is different to Copyright which always remains with the photographer, and ensures that the images cannot be sold for commercial use without the photographers consent. CDs are great, but an album is so much better and can be easily enjoyed with family and friends.